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Should I Hire My Own Title Company?

The answer is YES! Yes, you should select your own title company, and you have the right to do so. Now, the question is why? In this post, we’ll cover why selecting your own title company is a smart idea when purchasing a home.

What Does a Title Company Do?

In short, a title company is there to ensure there is nothing wrong with the title on the home. Title Companies issue title insurance which protects you against any issues with the home’s title such as fraud, liens on the property, etc. If an issue should arise, the title insurance will protect you and go to work on your behalf to solve any problems.

So Why Should I Hire My Own Title Company?

The main reason you should hire your own title company is to protect your investment. For most, their home is the largest investment they make. You don’t want there to be an unresolved issue or a rushed settlement, and that’s why it’s good to hire a well established, experienced, independent title company that you have chosen. 

What Should I Consider?


When choosing a title company it’s important to note if they are flexible in who they work with. Some title companies mainly work with specific real estate brokers and lending officers. Find out if this is the case by speaking with your chosen real estate broker or title company. You are likely to get the best service possible when working with an independent, privately owned title firm.


Find out how different title companies work by reaching out to references, or asking what measures they take to ensure strong, safe communication with their clients.

Our preferred use of communication is through a program called Close Simple. This email and text message platform allows our team to communicate with buyers and sellers in a secure, safe way. Customers will receive need-to-know information in a quick, convenient fashion while ensuring their data is kept private. 


The cost of title insurance is often grouped with other closing costs. However, some title companies may charge additional fees for delivery, wire transfers or using electronic documents.

When asking for a quote, be sure to inquire if there are any additional fees on top of the base price. Make certain you are comparing apples to apples when it comes to pricing.

For a general idea of cost, use our title calculator.


While often overlooked, it’s important to take into consideration where the title company is located when you do need to make those important trips into an office. At All American Title Company we are licensed in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota offering 9 locations throughout Minnesota. If you’re not close enough to one of our office locations, we offer mobile closings from our in-house licensed closers.


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