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Local man steals...home?

A 29-year-old New York man was recently charged with stealing his neighbors' home. The man, Jordan Horsford, was hired as a caretaker for his elderly neighbor in early 2016. In June of the following year, Horsford convinced the 85-year-old man to sign over his deed to the home.

After the deed was signed and notarized, Horsford had the document recorded. One the deed was officially in his name the 29-year-old man tried to sell the property. Luckily, a suspicious title company would not insure the property and the deal fell through. 

The senior’s daughter received a letter from the Department of Finance informing her about the documents filed for the property. At this point, the family involved the Brooklyn DA’s office. Jordan was indicted on 12 counts including grand larceny and identity theft. 

Deed theft has risen in the last few years as local real estate markets have heated up. Title insurance is a one-time fee that can protect you from a costly theft such as this.