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Choosing a Title Company

So you’re beginning the process of purchasing a home. You’ve found your loan officer and real estate agent. Now, all that’s left is finding the house, right?


Part of your purchasing process includes finding the right company who will help you secure ownership to that house through title insurance. But, after researching just exactly what you need to know about title how do you know what company is the best fit for you?

We can help!

How do I Choose a Title Company?

When purchasing a home, many people assume the title insurance company is chosen by the broker or loan officer. But, did you know that as the buyer you have the right to choose the title company you want to work with?

While your agent, broker, loan officer or other accompanying team members will have relationships with title companies, you don’t always have to utilize them. These relationships can be used as a jumping off point when you begin to do your research into the title company you want representing you.

So, now when doing that research, what should you be looking for? Well, there are a few things to keep in mind.


After going through the buying process, or if you’ve even just begun to dabble in it, it’s clear to see there are a plethora of services available. From real estate brokers to lending agents to title companies, there are hundreds of companies to choose from.

This means there are also a lot of relationships between services.

When choosing a title company it’s important to note if they are flexible in who they work with. Some title companies will only work with specific real estate brokers and lending agents. Find out if this is the case by speaking with your chosen real estate broker or title company.

Here at All American Title, while we pride ourselves in creating long-lasting relationships with individuals within the real estate community, we are an independent company. And we’ve been that way for 20 years. That means we create, foster and encourage relationships with everyone.


One of the biggest complaints in the real estate industry is the lack of clear communication. When making a purchase this large and important, it’s paramount to feel you’re questions are being answered and your concerns are being heard.

Find out how different title companies work by reaching out to references, or asking what measures they take to ensure strong, safe communication with their clients.

Our preferred use of communication is through a program called Close Simple. This email platform allows our team to communicate with buyers and sellers in a secure, safe way. Customers will receive need-to-know information in a quick, convenient fashion while ensuring their data is kept private. The platform also allows for quick email or text conversations.


As mentioned above, the cost of title insurance is often grouped together with other closing costs, such as escrow and premiums. However, some title companies may charge additional fees for delivery, wire transfers or using electronic documents.

When asking for a quote, be sure to inquire if there are any additional fees on top of the base price.

For a general idea of cost, use our title calculator.


Nowadays, most communication takes place online. But in the real estate world, many meetings still take place in person. The closing, in particular. While often overlooked, it’s important to take into consideration where the title company is located when you do need to make those important trips into an office.

Why All American Title?

If you’re going off our checklist, we tick off all the above boxes!

All American Title prides itself on being an independent company, meaning we’re not bound by specific affiliations. However, given our history and expertise in the field, we’re sure to have a relationship with one of your partners in home buying. Our team of 50 works with real estate agents and loan officers across Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota. If not, we’re always excited to meet and work with fresh faces.

We have five conveniently located offices in the Twin Cities metro, with several in northern, western and southern Minnesota.

When it comes to communication, we pride ourselves in not only being reliable and responsive, we’re also realistic. For three years, we’ve utilized the Close Simple email platform . As previously mentioned, it helps our clients send need-to-know information quickly and efficiently. This system utilizes automation to help ensure all buyers and sellers have everything they need when they need it. It streamlines the process so no stone is left unturned.

Finally, we pride ourselves in customer-service. We believe the most important part of buying a home is building a relationship with the people who are in the process with you. We want to be a resource for you to come back to with questions, concerns or praise.

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